The One Match Adam Copeland Wanted On Wrestling Return

Adam Copeland AEW

Adam Copeland claimed a big win in his hometown of Toronto against his old friend Christian Cage and revealed that match was his goal when he came back to the ring.

Adam Copeland is best known to WWE fans as Edge and many will remember the heartbreak when he was forced to retire from action due to injuries in 2011. However, The Rated-R Superstar shocked the world at the 2020 Royal Rumble when he made his shock return to the ring.

Another Rumble win came in 2021 for the star and he took his place in another WrestleMania main event that year standing across from both Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns.

At WrestleDream in October 2023, Adam Copeland stunned everyone again as he joined AEW and a program with his former tag team partner Christian Cage was immediately on the cards.

They feuded for months, already trading the TNT Title but on Dynamite in Toronto, Copeland made Cage say I Quit to get a decisive victory over his manipulative former friend.

Adam Copeland Reflects On Huge AEW Match With Christian Cage

Taking to social media, Adam Copeland reflected on his big win and how when he returned to wrestling in 2020 a huge match with his old friend was the one he wanted to have:

About Dynamite on Wednesday. When I first came back to wrestling back at the 2020 Rumble this was the match I always wanted to get to. Face to face with @christian4peeps in our hometown 40 years after we first met. @aew made that possible.

And Toronto you came out in force to have fun. I hope you did. Sure sounded like it and I’ll never forget it. Ever. As a kid this night was the kind of scenario I dreamed about in art class. If you dream hard enough, even if it takes 40 years, it can happen. So without further ado….AND NEW TNT Champion!

Since defeating Christian Cage to become the 12th different man to hold the TNT Championship, Adam Copeland has revealed he is bringing back the ‘Cope Open’ which will allow any AEW star to answer his challenge and potentially win the gold.