The New Day Returns On WWE Raw

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After a months-long absence, the duo of Xavier and Woods of The New Day made their surprise return on the August 7th episode of Monday Night RAW.

On RAW, the Viking Raiders cut a promo and then had a tag match against a mystery team. After the show came back from commercial, the New Day’s entrance music played, which received a loud pop from the Minneapolis crowd.

The New Day hadn’t been seen for months because Kofi Kingston has been sidelined from WWE since early March when he suffered an ankle injury. However, there looked to be no problems with Kofi’s ankle whatsoever as he was able to fly around the ring and hit his high-flying offense without any signs of sluggishness or ring rust.

Despite being outweighed by the much-heavier Viking Raiders, Kofi and Xavier didn’t seemed to be as in sync as ever. Despite the Viking Raiders’ best efforts, the New Day managed to hit some tandem offense before Xavier hit a diving elbow drop across the ring to get the three-count for his team

The New Day are one of the most decorated tag teams in WWE history

Since teaming together in 2014 have become one of the most decorated groups in WWE history. They are recognized as 12-time tag team champions, with four reigns we WWE/RAW Tag Team Champions, seven reigns as SmackDown Tag Team Champions, and one reign as NXT Tag Team Champions.

Additionally, their second reign, which was also Kofi’s fourth, was the longest single tag team title reign in history until the Usos surpassed them with their reign that lasted from July 2021 to WrestleMania 39 in April.