Kofi Kingston Boldly States “The New Day Will Never Break Up”

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The New Day are going to stay together forever, according to recent comments from WWE’s Kofi Kingston.

It was eight years ago when The New Day became WWE Tag Team Champions for the first time. The trio of Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods came together as three friends that wanted to make an impact together and they have certainly done that.

Since the formation of The New Day in late 2014, they have 11 Tag Team Championship reigns on the main roster (add one more if you want to count NXT). Their first year was spent as heels, but since WrestleMania 32 in 2016, they have been one of the most popular acts in WWE.

There has also been quite a bit of success for the group as singles stars as well. Kofi Kingston became WWE Champion for the first time in 2019 while Big E became WWE Champion in 2021. Xavier Woods has had fewer singles opportunities compared to his partners, but he won King of the Ring in 2021 as well.

Unfortunately, injuries have hurt the group in the last couple of years. Big E has yet to return to the ring since suffering a broken neck in March 2022 and it’s unknown if he will ever wrestle again. Kofi Kingston has been out of action for over three months after suffering a broken ankle during a promo segment.

While speaking to the Battleground Podcast, Kofi Kingston made it clear that The New Day will not be broken up like other stables, such as The Bloodline currently or The Shield in 2014.

“You already know that we are and we always will be. We took an oath, a blood oath, and we said that we will never break up. If someone tries to break us up and drive a wedge in between, tries to crack our foundation and drive a wedge in between us like we just won’t have it. It’s like we always said, everybody out there, it’s cool to have all the different groups but at a certain point in time, they get jealous of one or the other.”

“And then they want to stab one in the back, or like you have with The Shield, someone hitting somebody with a chair, and they want to go off and do their thing, and that’s great, that’s fine. We’re not doing that, man.”

As he continued, Kofi Kingston spoke about how strong the group is although he misspoke saying they have been together since 2016 because it was before that.

“Our foundation is just too strong. That’s just the way it is, the way we’ve always said it was gonna be. We’ve been together since 2016. You haven’t even seen us do as much as a collision in the ring. Sometimes you have a little miscue, you might be holding somebody, and then you go to hit that person, and they move out of the way, and you hit your own partner. ‘Oh my god,’ you haven’t even seen us do that! Because we’re always on the same page, and that’s the way that it’s going to be. That’s just how we are; that’s our bond, you know what I’m saying.”

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