The New Day Addresses NXT Tag Team Title Win, Helping Other Teams

kofi kingston wwe nxt new day tag team champions

The New Day have reflected on their NXT Tag Team Title victory while also praising the former champions, Pretty Deadly.

It was at NXT Deadline on December 10th when The New Day’s Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston challenged Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) for the NXT Tag Team Titles in a match that went back and forth.

The finish of the match saw Kingston prevent a double-team move by bringing Wilson outside the ring and hitting him with the Trouble in Paradise kick on the floor. That led to New Day isolating Prince, which led to the Midnight Hour double team move (a double foot stomp off the top/backbreaker combo) and Woods got the pinfall win for the team to capture the titles.

The New Day has won the WWE Tag Team Titles 11 times on the main roster along with this first NXT Tag Team Championship reign. Their first title win was in 2015, so it’s been an incredible run for over seven years for Kingston, Woods and their injured tag team partner, Big E.

Following their title win, The New Day talked to Sports Illustrated with Kingston praising Pretty Deadly as a great team that is going to get better.

“Pretty Deadly is so talented. And they’re going to be even bigger than they are now. It’s all about getting experience and getting in there with experienced superstars, then spreading their wings to fly. Anything we can do to help that, we’re here for it. We want them to flourish. That’s what we’re here to do, and I’m looking forward to mixing it up with them again.”

Xavier Woods spoke about how it is the job of this generation to help the next generation be even better in the future and to help teach what they know.

“Everybody brought their full selves to that match, which was easy to tell. We love getting a chance to tell our stories in the way we want to tell them. And it is the job of the current generation to give their knowledge to the next generation, so that will be the best era of pro wrestling. That’s very important to us, and it’s a responsibility for us to teach what we know.”

The New Day will have their first Tag Team Title defense against Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen. The match was already taped on Wednesday and will air on the December 20th edition of NXT.