The MMA Fight Between Brock Lesnar And Lennox Lewis That Nearly Happened

The MMA Fight Between Brock Lesnar And Lennox Lewis That Nearly Happened

Former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis revealed that a highly anticipated super fight between him and WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar was on the cusp of happening in 2002.

In an interview with TSN’s Off The Record, Lewis shared the intriguing proposal that would have pitted a boxer against a wrestler in an MMA rules match. The WWE made a stunning offer of £5 million to entice Lewis into the ring with Brock Lesnar, as part of Vince McMahon’s strategy to rejuvenate the wrestling business.

McMahon believed that a victory over Lewis, the reigning boxing heavyweight champion at the time, would catapult Lesnar’s status and establish him as a superstar. To bring the fight to fruition, McMahon sought the sanctioning of the Nevada Athletic Commission.

However, the deal fell through when Lewis discovered Brock Lesnar’s background in amateur wrestling and realized the advantage that MMA rules would give him. Recognising the odds stacked against him in this clash of disciplines, Lewis declined the offer.

Dave Meltzer shared details on the planned super fight which never happened in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Meltzer wrote:

At the time, Lewis denied any of this, which we reported at the time Vince McMahon went to the Nevada Athletic Commission for sanctioning, and said his only talks with WWF was about being a special referee. It wasn’t until 2015 when Lewis did an interview on TSN’s Off the Record and claimed a 5 million pounds ($8.6 million at the time) offer was given to him to face Lesnar by McMahon.

We were told it fell through when Lewis found out Lesnar was a legit wrestler and found out about how MMA rules would favor a wrestler over a boxer. At the time WWF business was down and they wanted to build the company around Lesnar, who didn’t get over instantly.

McMahon’s idea, similar to Antonio Inoki’s idea with Muhammad Ali, was that if Lesnar beat the heavyweight champion that his being the baddest man on the planet and with his look that he’d become a giant drawing card.

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