John Cena Gives Surprising Take On Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar hits an F-5 on John Cena

John Cena thinks Brock Lesnar deserves more credit.

Lesnar and Cena both debuted on the main roster in 2002 and have gone on to establish themselves as two of the biggest stars WWE has ever seen. Both men have achieved an incredible amount inside and outside the ring, something that’s come into sharp focus as they begin to reach the end of their careers.

Unsurprisingly, the duo has clashed numerous times over the years, including on one memorable night in 2012.

At Extreme Rules, Lesnar faced Cena in his first WWE match since leaving the company in 2004. Despite The Beast brutalising the 16-time World Champion, it was Cena who squeaked out the win.

In a new YouTube video looking back at his most memorable matches, Cena reflected on his bruising night at the office. The veteran said Lesnar was one of a kind, and actually underrated by many, despite being one of the best performers WWE has ever seen.

“Every one of those [elbows] are pretty decent hits [laughs]. Brock is one of a kind, he truly is. I love watching him. I always tell you that I watch the people. It’s really difficult to ignore Brock. You’re in a fight for your life, but he’s also the most giving, gracious performer. He gives it all, and there’s no way for you to question his legitimacy. There’s a ringside sign that says “legitimacy has returned.’ That says it all when it comes to him.

I love Brock. As a performer, he’s extremely underrated, even though he’s in that conversation of the greatest of all time. I love him as a human being. He is wholeheartedly himself, and he shoots you straight. At least you know where you stand with him at all times, and I really admire that about him. He’s been wonderful to me over the years. Another person that we kind of matriculated together, and we both have our different paths to success, and we’re both rooting for each other constantly.”

Is Brock Lesnar Returning To WWE?

The Beast hasn’t wrestled since being defeated by Cody Rhodes at SummerSlam, and it seems he might not be back any time soon. A recent report claimed that Brock Lesnar won’t be back in the ring until 2024, and more specifically the lead-up to the Royal Rumble.

The report added that Lesnar’s schedule was decided months in advance.

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