The Miz Says ‘John Cena’ Segment Chants Prove How Good He Is

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The Miz believes that his latest segment on Monday Night Raw was a huge success.

Following on from John Cena surprising Miz by announcing himself as the special guest referee for the Payback match between The A-Lister and LA Knight, Miz would invite Cena onto Miz TV on the September 4th episode of Raw.

The music played and the crowd erupted but something seemed to not be right as there was no sign of the 16-time World Champion. The two-time Grand Slam continued regardless and spoke to an empty chair before brawling with thin air.

Speaking on The Pat McAfee Show, Miz declared that he is better than any version of John Cena that exists and he will always stand tall:

“I don’t care if it’s real Cena, invisible Cena, I’ll take him down each and every time, no doubt in my mind, every day, all day, that’s just the type of person I am. How dare he push me in my ring. You don’t come into my ring in WWE, on Monday Night Raw, and come onto my show, Miz TV, and push me. I couldn’t believe he ducked my swing, but once he swung at me, I know what’s happening, I know the Skull Crushing Finale is happening, drop him out, and after the promo I threw him out of the ring because that’s the type of man I am. That’s my ring and that’s what I do.”

The WrestleMania main eventer continued by praising his own abilities by stating how he got the crowd to react to him fighting with someone that the fans could not see:

“Look at me, I took off my jacket and they started saying ‘Holy Sh*t’ with an invisible person. That’s how good I am. I’m real good,”

When Will The Miz Retire From WWE?

Having won every championship in the company twice and nearing two decades on the main roster, it could be argued that there isn’t much left for Miz to accomplish and may be thinking about winding down his career. The star of The Marine franchise has addressed these comments and has revealed that he is nowhere near ready to call time on his wrestling career.

H/t to Fightful.