The Hardy Boyz Were Nearly Part Of D-Generation X

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The Hardy Boyz duo were nearly a part of D-Generation X according to a story shared by Matt Hardy on a recent podcast.

When it comes to legendary tag teams over the last 25 years, The Hardy Boyz duo of Matt & Jeff Hardy should be near the top of any list. After all, the Hardy Boyz won many Tag Team Championships in different promotions throughout their careers.

In WWE, The Hardy Boyz (WWE spelling with the Z on the end) were nine-time Tag Team Champions since they held the WWE, Raw, Smackdown and WCW title during their incredible run that started with their first win in 1999 and last win in 2017.

The Hardys also have been Tag Team Champions in other promotions like ROH and TNA.

On a recent episode of his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, the elder Hardy brother Matt spoke about how the Hardy Boyz nearly became degenerations in D-Generation X.

“The first thing that comes to mind, like when we first got there, and we’re trying to like, you know, get our feet underneath this and like understand what was going on, obviously for the first year, really just went with the flow. And whatever they asked us to do, we would do.”

“But something they pitched is they had an idea, and it was creative, this came down from Vince Russo, where he wanted myself and Jeff to be pledges for DX. And we were like, into that. You’ll see moments if you look back in 1998, when we’re in tags, there’s several times we probably do it for like four or five weeks straight.”

As he continued, Matt explained that there were times when The Hardy Boyz would start doing the DX symbol to tease their inclusion in the group.

“When we come to the ring, we go up in the corners, and Jeff and I are doing this [DX symbol]. And we do the DX and we’re going to pledge for DX and eventually kind of ended up being like their lackeys to a degree in pledge with them. And then they were going to kind of see where it went.”

“And then maybe we could legitimately like be a part of DX when was all said and done, that was an idea that Vince Russo had and he would drop. Eventually we did it for like four or five weeks, and they said, ;Okay, enough of that we’re not going to do this, like, you know, these guys aren’t quite ready, let them do whatever that is.; And then it just stopped immediately and was never revisited again.”

Fast forward to the present day and Matt Hardy recently commented on social media that his brother Jeff is doing okay after his June 2022 DUI arrest. Jeff’s case is now closed with several restrictions placed on him including his driver’s license being removed for two years and a two year probation.

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