Matt Hardy Provides Positive Update On Brother Jeff Hardy

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Matt Hardy has given an update on how his younger brother Jeff is doing following the end of Jeff’s most recent court case.

AEW’s Jeff Hardy was arrested on June 13th, 2022 for driving without a license and being three times over the legal DUI limit. In a video released after the arrest, Jeff strumbled around and he was barely able to stand.

For the past several months, there were many updates in the case with news coming on Thursday that the case is now closed. The case was closed after Jeff Hardy submitted a written plea of Nolo Contendere (No Contest) to all charges. Nolo Contendere is where a defendant agrees to accept punishment, but does not accept or deny responsibility for that in which they are charged.

Hardy’s written plea of Nolo Contendere was for his 3rd DUI offense within ten years, driving while his license was suspended, revoked, or canceled, and a driving violation with a driver’s license restriction. As a result of the plea, Jeff Hardy will have a suspended driver’s license for the next ten years and he will get credit for 38 days in county jail as a part of the sentence.

In addition to the time served in jail, Hardy is on probation for 24 months, fined $4000 and court costs were $586. A part of the sentence includes “vehicle impoundment” for 90 days and “vehicle interlock device” for two years.

As for how Jeff is currently doing, his older brother Matt Hardy posted a positive update noting that he is proud of his brother.

On social media, Matt Hardy posted a photo with his brother Jeff from very early in their careers with this caption:

“Incredibly proud of my brother. For the last 9 months, he’s worked extraordinarily hard on himself. He’s in the best space I’ve seen him in for decades. I’ll always support him, believe in him & love him. I’m excited for your new lease on life & where it takes you.”

Matt Hardy is currently involved in a storyline with Ethan Page in AEW where Ethan’s group known as The Firm owns Matt’s contract. It is unknown when or if Jeff Hardy will wrestle again, but if he does return to AEW then another tag team run with his brother Matt is certainly a possibility.