The Ex-WWE And WCW Star Who Nearly Choked Out Brock Lesnar

The Ex-WWE And WCW Star Who Nearly Choked Out Brock Lesnar

Former WWE and WCW Superstar Perry Saturn shared a humorous story about a playful wrestling encounter with Brock Lesnar.

During an interview with “Wrestling Shoot Interview,” Saturn reminisced about the incident, describing how he once engaged in a friendly shoot wrestling match with Lesnar. He nearly gained the upper hand before experiencing Lesnar’s impressive strength and agility firsthand.

Reflecting on wrestling’s toughest individuals, Saturn fondly recalled the playful tussle with Lesnar. He narrated the moment when he found himself in a favourable position, attempting to choke out the ten-time WWE Champion. Saturn humorously recounted:

One day goofing around with Brock [Lesnar], I was rolling around with him and he somehow fu**ed up and slid his head into a choke. I’m on my back and he’s on my chest, and I got him in my guard so I got him. I’m gonna choke him out and make him tap, and then I’m never gonna get in the ring with him again.

However, Saturn’s initial advantage was short-lived as Lesnar quickly manoeuvred out of the hold, showcasing his remarkable agility and strength. Saturn continued:

So I crank that choke and in like half a second he’s on his feet with me over his head. I have no fu**ing idea how he got there, he had his hands on my hips, he’s incredible man.

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