Top WWE Name Wants Brock Lesnar Match Despite Star’s Absence

Brock Lesnar WWE

Should Brock Lesnar return to WWE, one big star will be waiting.

Brock Lesnar hasn’t been seen in a WWE ring since SummerSlam 2023 when he was emphatically beaten by Cody Rhodes. But that was far from the original plan.

Back in January, former WWE employee Janel Grant filed a lawsuit against Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and WWE. The lawsuit contained allegations of sexual assault and sex trafficking, and although he wasn’t named directly, Lesnar was also implicated.

This meant an appearance at the Royal Rumble was scrapped, and plans for a long-awaited match with Gunther at WrestleMania were shelved.

Gunther has always been open about his desire for a match with Lesnar, and during an interview with Alex McCarthy for the Daily Mail, he discussed the WrestleMania rumours.

“Of course, I heard something about it,’ he said. ‘I always saw Brock as my final boss. I always get portrayed as that; as the NXT UK Champion, the Intercontinental Champion, I was like the final boss of that division. And Brock, for a long time, was the final boss of the whole company.

So I always saw myself in my future to be in a similar position to him, and to be that you’ve got to get in the ring with that guy.

We’ll see if there’s a chance for it to happen again. I’m more than up for it. How the situation is exactly right now, I’m really not that informed about it, to be honest. I think we had that one face-off in the Royal Rumble, the reaction that was there, and that was a confirmation for me.’

Will Brock Lesnar Return To WWE?

Despite the huge controversy surrounding the star, Triple H confirmed he remains with the company during WrestleMania weekend. Furthermore, Brock Lesnar is eventually expected to return to television, unlike McMahon and Laurinaitis.

However, there’s no word on when a potential return will take place.