The Elite “Have Kept Quiet” Since CM Punk’s AEW Return

The Elite Adam Page Kenny Omega Matt Jackson Nick Jackson The Young Bucks entrance at AEW Double or Nothing

The AEW group known as The Elite have been pretty quiet since CM Punk made his return to AEW television with no apparent signs of a resolution to their problems.

It is very well known by now that The Elite’s Kenny Omega, “Hangman” Adam and The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) are not the biggest fans of the former two-time AEW World Champion CM Punk.

While Punk has returned to AEW over the last week, his backstage fight with Omega and The Young Bucks in September 2022 led to a lot of controversy in the months the followed. The Elite were even suspended for nearly two months following the fight while Punk likely would have been as well, but he was out of action with torn triceps injury anyway. Punk’s good friend/AEW Producer Ace Steel was fired for several months due to the fight, until he was recently brought back.

The situation remains so tenuous that Punk and AEW signed non-disclosure agreements to prevent further public comments about the fight and the issues between the two sides.

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When CM Punk returned at AEW Collision on June 17th, The Elite were not there, nor were they advertised. While CM Punk appeared at AEW Dynamite this past Wednesday, The Elite also appeared in a backstage segment that was pre-taped last week, so they were not in the building with Punk.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer, The Elite have remained silent on the topic of CM Punk’s return to the company. Meltzer would write about the possibility of turning this into a story while also commenting on how The Elite could choose to leave AEW (when their contracts are up) like Cody Rhodes did.

“Nobody can predict if there was an angle, how it would do, because it would depend on how it’s put together, the promos, and at what level an angle today can grow an audience for the No. 2 group when the No. 1 group is strong. You can see by the stats weekly how much the Bloodline angle has helped turn around WWE business, although business was good before the angle really took off.”

“It felt like something significant could happen and there was good ticket movement for some upcoming AEW shows in the ensuing days which was a combination of discounting tickets in some markets but Punk’s appearance did appear to move tickets for future shows as well. Again, the initial reaction is good but there are so many factors unknown when it comes to long-term. Given Omega, The Young Bucks and Adam Page all have contracts expiring at the end of this year, that becomes another aspect.”

“All have kept quiet as asked, or in some cases signed legal papers basically prohibiting them from talking, which could lead to immense frustration with the situation. The question has to be asked regarding if none, some, all or even more were to leave over the changes. The status of Cody Rhodes, who clearly made the right career choice in leaving when he did, makes WWE a viable place. All of the above can make money in either place.”

It will be interesting to see how CM Punk and The Elite interact, or if they do at all, this Sunday at the AEW-NJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view in Toronto because Punk and all four members of The Elite are in separate matches on the show.