The Date WWE’s New Women’s World Champion Will Be Crowned

Rhea Ripley WWE Women's World Champion

Rhea Ripley is no longer the Women’s World Champion and WWE has confirmed that fans won’t have to wait long for a new champion to be crowned.

Rhea Ripley was one of WWE’s most dominant champions, holding the Women’s World Championship for 380 days. The Judgment Day’s Eradicator continued her success at WrestleMania 40 as she defeated Becky Lynch to retain her gold.

However, on the Raw following WWE’s showpiece event, disaster struck. Rhea Ripley was attacked backstage by Liv Morgan with Ripley’s shoulder being driven into the wall and it seemed that beyond storyline, that caused a very real injury.

On Raw in Montreal, Rhea Ripley vacated her Women’s World Championship only to be taunted by Liv Morgan as a result. The Australian star noted she faced many months out of the ring and one report has shed some light on a timeline for Rhea Ripley’s return to the ring.

When Will New WWE Women’s World Champion Be Crowned?

Michael Cole revealed before Raw’s main event between Sami Zayn and Chad Gable that a new Women’s World Champion will be crowned on the 22nd of April edition of Raw in Columbus, Ohio. Other details were sparse and it remains unknown who will be in the running for the title.

Liv Morgan would likely want to be a contender after taking out the champion and then mocking Ripley for having to give up her title.