“That Was Terrifying”: Spike Dudley Reveals His Scariest ECW Match

Former WWE Tag Team Champion and ECW legend Spike Dudley shared a spine-chilling revelation regarding a pivotal moment in his wrestling career.

During an appearance on the podcast Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw, Spike Dudley delved into a harrowing incident from his time in ECW that left a lasting impression on him. Reflecting on his daredevilry alongside fellow wrestler New Jack, Dudley recounted a particularly terrifying moment during ECW: Living Dangerously in 1998.

In a candid disclosure, Dudley revealed that one of the few instances to truly instil fear in him was when he and New Jack executed a daring balcony dive. Recalling the nerve-wracking experience, Dudley vividly described the adrenaline-fueled leap, where both wrestlers simultaneously plummeted from the balcony onto Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley, who were positioned on tables below. Dudley expressed:

The only time I ever really got scared was my first, like, true balcony dive at Asbury Park with New Jack. We did it, we both jumped off the same time onto Bubba and D-Von on tables. And that one scared the crap out, I had never done anything like that. That was terrifying.

What Did Jim Ross Say About Spike Dudley’s Contribution To WWE?

Jim Ross said that Spike Dudley was more of an asset to the Dudley Boyz and the WWE in general than most people realise. Ross labelled Dudley a “wonderful human being” and that he contributed more to the WWE than people will ever know.

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