Jim Ross Says Ex-WWE Star “Contributed Much More Than People Will Ever Know”

Jim Ross

An unexpected star has received praise from Jim Ross for being one of the toughest people WWE ever signed and doesn’t necessarily get the credit they deserve.

Although it’s the names of Bubba Ray and D-Von from The Dudley Boyz which will be the first to roll off the tongue, there were plenty of members of the family in ECW and they also had Spike Dudley when they were in WWE.

Now, Jim Ross has given praise for how tough the little brother was, and singled out one match in particular where he was worried for his safety.

In a discussion on his Grilling JR podcast, Ross recalled the match at Unforgiven 2003 where Spike Dudley got involved, only to be thrown to the outside – and miss the table he was meant to go through.

Scared the hell out of me, because I thought that there was no way little Spike was going to be able to endure and stand that bump,” said Jim Ross. “I was in Grand Rapids at a Deer Camp [when he] got hurt. I was there with Austin doing some vignettes and videos. So I wasn’t on site when that occurred, but I just thought there was no way. There was no way that the little guy — and this proves that Spike Dudley was one of the toughest guys we ever signed.

JR On Spike Dudley: “What An Asset”

Continuing on, Jim Ross claimed that nobody will realize quite how much Spike did for The Dudley Boyz and WWE in general.

What a wonderful human being he was and is. I felt essentially the same feeling that I had when Mick [Foley fell off] the Hell In A Cell in June of 1998 with Undertaker. I just didn’t think Spike could withstand it, I didn’t think any human could withstand it. But he’s tougher than a two-dollar streak. What an asset the was to our company, he contributed much more than people will ever know. Spike Dudley helped the Dudley brand, and as we know, The Dudleys became one of the most successful tag teams in all of professional wrestling.

Good Ol’ JR has been full of praise lately, as he also talked about the work Al Snow has been doing in OVW.

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