Jim Ross “Proud” Of Al Snow’s Work In OVW

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Jim Ross has had plenty of praise for Al Snow and his work with OVW, even though he hasn’t watched the Wrestlers series on Netflix yet.

There’s been a very mixed reception for the docuseries Wrestlers, which premiered on Netflix earlier this month. Whilst there’s been praise for the honest way the wrestling business is talked about, some have been critical of the way certain situations are dealt with on the show.

However, AEW’s Jim Ross is excited about the prospect of watching the show. In a discussion on his Grilling JR podcast, Ross commented on how he’s heard plenty of positive feedback.

I have not, but I’ve heard really good things about it. I plan on watching it. I’m not a huge Netflix guy, a lot of that is because of my technical deficiencies, but I have not seen it. I plan on watching it. People I have respect for in the wrestling business have watched it, watched every episode, and have been very complimentary and positive regarding the project.

JR: Al Snow’s A Smart Guy

Continuing on, Jim Ross pointed out how well he feels Al Snow is doing with OVW, and how Snow’s putting his backing behind the company to make it work.

I’m happy for Al Snow and his team there in OVW, and it’s something I want to watch, it’s something I’m going to watch, I’m proud of what Al has done there, little to no budget. He’s funding it and I’m proud of him for that.

Al’s a smart guy, he’s got a good head for business. He’s got all that experience over the years, created a hell of character and the head and all of that good stuff. I do plan on watching it because I’ve heard great things about it.

Jim Ross has also discussed the older days of OVW, and one star that WWE majorly missed with.

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