Jim Ross Believes WWE Missed With “One Of The Best Talents Produced In OVW”

Jim Ross

Jim Ross thinks one former WWE star should have had more success in the company.

When Rob Conway made his WWE debut alongside La Resistance in 2003, it seemed he had everything necessary to make him into a star in WWE. He had a great physique and was skilled in the ring, but he never found main event success in the sports entertainment giant before being released from his contract in 2007.

Speaking on a recent episode of Grilling JR, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross opened up about working with Conway, saying he was a true professional. Ross doesn’t know why Conway didn’t achieve superstardom, but he says it had nothing to do with the star’s attitude or work ethic.

“It wasn’t due to reliability because he was a true pro. I don’t ever recall Rob being late to work, or being uncooperative or lazy or anything like that. I just don’t know what the exact reason was — timing could be one thing you can attribute it to. He had a great skill set and was a very underrated talent. I don’t know if coming out of OVW was a negative for him or not … but in any event, he should have done better than he did.”

“We Missed On Him” – Jim Ross On Rob Conway

Continuing, the WWE Hall of Famer admitted that “we missed on him” when it comes to Conway, who Ross called one of OVW’s best talents.

“Rob Conway was one of the best talents we produced in OVW; he just didn’t get his break when he got to the main roster. It seemed like people were down on him for whatever reason. I just never understood that.”

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