Dixie Carter Makes Shock OVW Appearance To Support EC3 [VIDEO]

Dixie Carter EC3

Dixie Carter returned to the world of wrestling to congratulate EC3 on becoming NWA World Champion.

On August 27th at NWA 75, Ethan Carter III defeated Tyrus to become the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. The star is taking his championship to promotions across the country, and on a recent episode of OVW television, he revealed a special message from his storyline aunt Dixie Carter as he took part in a confrontation with OVW National Heavyweight Champion Jessie Godderz.

Appearing on the titan tron, the former TNA/IMPACT owner congratulated OVW on its upcoming Netflix series called Wrestlers before turning her attention to her nephew. She said:

“Hi everyone, it’s Dixie Carter, and I just wanted to send a message of congratulations to Al Snow and everyone at OVW on their upcoming debut of Wrestlers on Netflix, as well as congratulate my nephew EC3 on becoming NWA World Champion.”

Dixie Carter Says Wrestling Is First And Foremost A Business

Continuing, Dixie addressed Mr. PEC-Tacular specifically, saying that while he’s impressive, the real stock lies in her nephew Ethan Carter III.

“Now, Jessie, I know you pride yourself on being a great marketer. I’ve always applauded that in you. But as you know, it’s the brand that counts darlin’, and the brand that has stock, the brand that is over, and the brand that is World Champion is EC3. And he’s got some big news to share with all of you that I know will not only benefit you or benefit the business, because as I taught him, this is first and foremost a business.

“So E, again, congratulations. I’m so incredibly proud of you. And Jessie, I hope you take that marketing brain of yours and make the right decision, because all eyes will be on OVW right now. And of course, EC3, because he’s a Carter, and the world needs us.”

During a June interview, Angelina Love opened up about working with Dixie, saying the former IMPACT boss wanted to be like Stephanie McMahon.

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