Tajiri Declares “Only The Best” Wrestlers Can Join WWE

Tajiri Declares

Yoshihiro Tajiri provided profound insights into his illustrious career spanning over 25 years, his future aspirations within the wrestling industry, and where the best wrestlers are currently.

Since his debut in 1994, Tajiri has made significant contributions to various wrestling promotions leaving an enduring legacy in each. Despite his extensive experience, he remains actively engaged in the sport, showcasing his enduring passion and commitment to wrestling. During an interview with, he expressed his unwavering belief in the exceptional talent pool within WWE, acknowledging the calibre of wrestlers in the organisation. He emphasised:

Everybody is the best in the WWE, only the best can join.

Highlighting the competitive nature of the industry and the standard of excellence upheld by WWE. Despite his successful tenure in WWE, where he notably held the Cruiserweight Championship three times and the WWE Tag Team Titles twice, he revealed his reluctance to return to the organisation. He firmly stated, “I have already graduated from there,” indicating his desire to explore new opportunities and embark on fresh challenges in his wrestling journey.

Which Former WWE Champion Invited Tajiri Onto A Private Plane?

The Rock gave Tajiri a once-in-a-lifetime experience when he invited Tajiri, and several other wrestlers onto his charter plane. He went on to say that the rock poured everyone multiple drinks and at one point began to serenade the passengers while playing a guitar that the captain had presented to him.