Tajiri Recalls The Rock Inviting Himself & Other WWE Stars Onto Private Plane

The Rock at the head of the table

Tajiri had a once-in-a-lifetime experience when he rubbed shoulders with The Rock, and not in a wrestling ring.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has earned many accolades during his wrestling career. but one of the most forgotten is that he seems to be one of the few genuinely nice people in the business. There are far fewer, if any, stories of him politicking backstage or generally being antagonistic toward anyone.

That kindness of his extended to everyone on WWE’s roster, regardless of their card position. One person to get a glimpse of The Rock’s generosity was Tajiri, who highlighted some of these experiences in a book he wrote about his WWE career.

Tajiri explained that Rock was flying to Los Angeles and offered several wrestlers who lived in the area to join him on a charter plane.

A Twitter user shared some screenshots of some English translations, with a summary of Tajiri’s private flight with the Rock highlighted below:

“The limo arrives at the charter exclusive gate. Vince’s plane with the WWE logo painted on it was next to The Rock’s charter plane.

When you get on the plane, it’s like a reception room. There is a large sofa and a counter bar. Let’s all have a toast!

The Rock seems to mix rum with apple soda. Rey and I drink Corona from Mexico. Chuck and Chavo are drinking something like Heineken. After a while the pilot popped out of the cockpit. Hey, who’s flying? I wonder if there’s another one.

‘Mr. Rock, I play the guitar as a hobby and always carry it with me. Are you interested in playing it?’ I looked out the window at the beautiful sky as a drunken Rock played a live performance as we arrived at our destination in Los Angeles.”