Sycho Sid Exposes The Truth Behind His Notorious Botch

Sycho Sid Exposes The Truth Behind His Notorious Botch

Former WWE and WCW World Champion Sycho Sid shed light on the shocking truth behind the infamous botched spot that resulted in his devastating leg injury.

In an interview with Inside The Ropes Sycho Sid spoke about the incident that took place during the WCW PPV Sin in January 2001, during a four-corners match for the WCW Title. Sid, facing off against Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, and Road Warrior Animal, attempted a high-risk move suggested by John Laurinaitis.

Laurinaitis, who was given a one-day position as the booker, proposed an idea involving Sid delivering a knee to Steiner’s head from the second rope.

Johnny Laurinaitis, they give him a one-day position to be like the book or the guy who came up with ideas. So he thought was Scott Steiner, if you watched him if he took a high boot in the corner, he took it really well. And he does it where his face into your foot really hard. So John says ‘We’re going to do something really crazy, we’re gonna get you to jump off the second rope and give Scott a high knee.’

Despite expressing his discomfort and requesting a change throughout the day, Sid’s concerns were dismissed by Laurinaitis, who insisted on sticking to the original plan.

And I told him, I didn’t feel comfortable doing that. When he tells me, ‘We’ve already got it written down, it’s already in the back, we can’t get out of it.’ So two or three other times, I came to him through the day and I said ‘I just don’t feel comfortable with that.’ And so they just wouldn’t bend.

When the crucial moment arrived, Steiner failed to move as planned, leaving Sid in an awkward mid-air position. With no other option, Sid landed on his left leg, resulting in a horrific fracture of both his tibia and fibula.

How Long Did It Take For Sycho Sid’s Leg To Heal?

The aftermath of the incident forced Sycho Sid into a lengthy rehabilitation process, Sid required surgery on his leg and had to go through physiotherapy three to five days per week for a year and his doctor told him that he would never run again. Sid spent almost three and a half years rehabilitating and eventually made his return to the ring on June 5th, 2004. Years later it was rumoured that Sycho Sid would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2022. However, this turned out not to happen.

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