Suspended WWE Star Attacks On Raw

Adam Pearce WWE Raw

One WWE star might be suspended but that didn’t stop them from making a splash on Raw and taking out two rivals.

Bron Breakker has been unstoppable since he was drafted to Monday Night Raw but the red brand’s General Manager Adam Pearce may have made a huge mistake by leaving Breakker out of the King of the Ring tournament.

Incensed by the snub, Bron Breakker has made it his mission to cause carnage and he did that when he sent Kale Dixon off in an ambulance before attacking Ricochet.

Bron Breakker Causes Carnage On WWE Raw

On Raw in Savannah, Ricochet confronted Adam Pearce and demanded a match against Breakker but was informed that the former NXT Champion was suspended for his actions. Instead, Ilja Dragunov stepped in and Ricochet asked for a match with him instead.

The two stars faced off but despite apparently being suspended, Bron Breakker appeared and attacked both men causing the match to be called off. Adam Pearce marched to the ring to confront Breakker but quickly backed off when he realised he could be a target for him as well.

Breakker’s suspension is clearly part of a storyline in WWE but what will lead to his official reinstatement on the roster remains to be seen.