Surprising WWE Star Wants In The Judgment Day

Judgment Day in WWE

Could a long-time WWE Superstar be the next person to join the Judgment Day?

After weeks of trying to win favour with the group, JD McDonagh finally became part of Judgment Day ahead of Survivor Series. On Raw, McDonagh teamed with Dominik Mysterio to take on The Creeds, and they had a surprising reporter at ringside.

At Survivor Series, R-Truth made his return to WWE and has since taken to hanging around the Judgment Day. While tension remains within the group, Truth continues to provide comic relief as he hangs on to the group.

On Raw, Wade Barrett even noted on commentary that Truth might be trying to replicate McDonagh’s strategy to join the group, although Michael Cole dismissed the idea.

Dominik Mysterio Is WWE’s MVP

In a year packed full of highlights for the sports entertainment giant, Dominik Mysterio has been one of the company’s biggest success stories. The star’s on-screen relationship with Rhea Ripley has taken him to new heights, while in the ring he’s clashed with his father at WrestleMania and he’s the current NXT North American Champion.

Speaking in a recent interview, NXT boss Shawn Michaels spoke glowingly about the star and his WWE rise. HBK described Dominik Mysterio as WWE’s MVP of 2023.