Tony Khan Touts Merchandise Success Of MJF-Adam Cole Pairing

aew mjf adam cole double clothesline

Tony Khan has praised the merchandising success of MJF and Adam Cole.

The duo of AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) and Adam Cole became the ROH Tag Team Champions at AEW All In about one month ago.

It wasn’t like MJF & Cole just randomly became the best of friends in the last three months. It happened because of something called the Blind Eliminator Tag Team tournament. They won a tournament leading to an AEW World Tag Team Title match against FTR. That match was won by FTR, but by that point, MJF & Cole were solidified as a team that became best friends.

This would lead to that MJF/Cole match against Aussie Open on the AEW All In pre-show and that’s the night that MJF & Cole became the new ROH Tag Team Champions.

As a team, MJF & Adam Cole are known as “Better Than You Bay Bay” which is a combination of MJF’s “I’m better than you and you know it catchphrase” as well as Cole shouting “Bay Bay” (baby) after he says his name.

Tony Khan claims MJF & Adam Cole have sold an “ungodly amount of merchandise” for AEW

While speaking at an AEW media conference call to promote the WrestleDream PPV on October 1st, AEW’s CEO & GM Tony Khan spoke about the success of the MJF/Adam Cole team.

“You don’t have to hate him anymore because ‘he’s our scumbag.’ That’s something that has really been embraced by the fans and it’s shown because Better Than You Bay Bay have sold an ungodly amount of merchandise and they continue to rack up that merch money for us, which is awesome. They get these massive reactions and its befitting of a top star and, in this case, a fan favorite.”

Sadly, Adam Cole suffered an ankle injury at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam last week, so there are questions about his health moving forward. We should learn more on AEW Dynamite tonight.

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