Sting Reveals When He Stopped Using Steroids

Sting entrance AEW Revolution 2024
Lee South Sting and Darby Allin vs The Young Bucks Greensboro, NC AEW Revolution March 3, 2024

Sting has lifted the lid on using steroids early in his career.

At AEW Revolution, Sting stepped into the ring for the final time alongside Darby Allin to defeat the Young Bucks and retire as an AEW World Tag Team Champion.

The Icon started his wrestling journey in 1985 teaming with Jim Hellwig who would go on to be known as The Ultimate Warrior. During these early days, the pair appeared in the CWA and Mid-South which became the UWF. But just six months after joining the UWF, Hellwig left to join World Class Championship Wrestling and then the WWF.

Meanwhile, Sting remained with the promotion, and his contract was acquired by Jim Crockett Promotions when the legendary promoter purchased the UWF. JCP eventually became WCW.

Speaking at the post-AEW Revolution media scrum, Sting reflected on his time teaming with Hellwig, admitting — unsurprisingly for two former bodybuilders — that the pair used steroids. However, while Warrior continued to use performance enhancers, The Icon stopped using them in 1990.

“I think it was definitely good that we were both together to begin with because looked like a freak. I was 265 pounds, and I looked like a little kid compared to him. But both of us together, we were pretty intimidating, and we had a lot of people saying ‘Maybelline Road Warriors.’ But we thought, ‘Who cares? We get a match with the Road Warriors, we hit the big time.’

But I think it was good that we ended up splitting up. It was good that he went his way and I went mine. We were not meant to be together. We were meant to start together, and it got us in the door, for sure. But he needed to be in his own.

We were going to kill each other, literally on the road. Two roided out young men. That’s what it was then. Two roided-out guys. Just shooting straight here. That stopped in 1990 for me, so yeah. Didn’t stop for him, but it stopped for him,”

Tony Khan Demanded Sting Victory

Following the emotional event, it was revealed that Tony Khan was adamant Sting won his final match. Although the move was incredibly popular with fans, it does go against wrestling tradition where the retiring star or the person ‘leaving the territory’ would lose on the way out.

With Sting retired, and Darby Allin taking a break to climb Mount Everest, Tony Khan declared the Tag Team Titles vacant, confirming a tournament will be held to decide new champions.

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