Stevie Richards Explains Why The RTC Theme Song Was “Awesome”

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Stevie Richards is reflecting on the classic Right to Censor theme song by saying that it was awesome because the fans hated it.

The Right to Censor (or RTC for short) was a heel group during the Attitude Era that was formed in July 2000 for about one year. It was based on the Parents Television Council that would oftentimes make public comments complaining about WWE’s edgy content in that era.

As a group, the RTC was all about upsetting the audience from the moment they arrived. Stevie Richards was the leader of the group that was called Steven Richards. He was joined by Bull Buchanan, The Goodfather (the new name of the former Godfather), Val Venis, and Ivory as well to represent the women’s division.

A lot of times when the RTC showed up, it was usually when there were scantily clad women on the show or when there was violence like The Dudley Boyz putting people through tables. Whenever Stevie Richards spoke, the crowd absolutely hated it.

Part of the reason the RTC was so hated was their theme song. While fans remember the greatness of theme songs in that era like Steve Austin, D-Generation, The Undertaker’s biker themes, Triple H’s “My Time” song and many others, the RTC’s “music” was just sirens blaring in an annoying way. It wasn’t much of a song, but it fits the RTC perfectly.

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet’s Insight on YouTube, Stevie Richards admitted that he never hated the RTC song because he thought it was awesome for a group of heels like the RTC.

“No [I didn’t hate it], I was just happy to have something, and when I heard that music. When I had, well, it could be on, I was gonna say it’s never gonna make the volume, whatever on music, I stopped myself. But when I look at that, like I knew it was an opportunity.”

“I knew I was on TV as a character. And even if it sucked, I had custom entrance music, I had the TitanTron, and looking at that, Chris, that made me think back to Raven, when I was putting on the half shirt and daisy dukes telling me you’re gonna stand out. You’re completely different. Nobody will ever take your gimmick from you. Because everybody wants to be tough, be a shooter, be a badass. He goes, You will corner the market on a specific type of heel. That’s the voice that I heard in my mind. When that music hit. I was like people are gonna hate us so much. This is awesome.”

Also during their discussion, Stevie Richards talked about his recovery from a health scare early this year.

If you want to listen to the classic RTC theme song one more time, it’s available below.

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