Steve Austin Reacts To Roman Reigns Having Lengthy Title Run

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Steve Austin has given his thoughts on Roman Reigns having a lengthy championship reign with Stone Cold praising the Tribal Chief for being “so hot right now.”

When it comes to being the unquestioned top guy in World Wrestling Entertainment, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin knows what it feels like to be in that spot. Austin was the top guy during WWE’s hottest period ever known as the Attitude Era.

Vince McMahon thought so highly of Steve Austin’s incredible run in WWE that when Austin was inducted into the 2009 WWE Hall of Fame, Vince called him the greatest WWE superstar of all time. It may have been a bold statement to some people considering Austin’s run wasn’t as long as some others in terms of years, but the company’s success with Austin on top was record-breaking and it’s why Vince praised him so much.

Steve Austin was a guest on the SI Media podcast with Jimmy Traina where he was asked about Roman Reigns closing in on 1,000 days as the WWE Universal Champion. Reigns has also been the WWE Champion for nearly 14 months and is called the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion by the company. Austin was asked for his thoughts on the Tribal Chief.

“Roman’s so hot right now and he’s doing great. I thought it was the right finish [at WrestleMania 39] and I loved it. It only made an opportunity for you to care more about Cody Rhodes.”

“I think there’s something so special with Roman. I don’t think they intended on it being a 1000-day reign or whatever it is right now, but the young man has just put the pieces together so good.”

As he continued, Steve Austin spoke about how Reigns “really struggled” in the past when he was a singles star following the breakup of The Shield. Austin would go on to praise Reigns for learning and becoming a better performer.

“I know three years ago [WWE wasn’t] saying we’re gonna do a 1000-day run on this kid, no it didn’t happen like that. He’s just been so damn good. He’s learned everything and he’s just got that alpha state going on and the time is right for Roman Reigns.”

Earlier this year, there were reports about WWE pitching Austin a match against Reigns. Obviously, it didn’t happen and it’s unknown if the 58-year-old Austin will ever wrestle again.