Stephanie McMahon Appears At WWE Hall Of Fame

Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon made a rare appearance as she donned an unlikely throwback at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

WrestleMania 40 has rolled into Philadelphia, PA, a city once most closely associated with the initials ECW. As a result, the city was the perfect place for former ECW boss Paul Heyman inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Heyman took his rightful place in the Class of 2024 alongside Bull Nakano, Thunderbolt Patterson, The U.S. Express, Muhammad Ali, and Lia Maivia in the star-studded ceremony.

Watching on alongside her husband Triple H was Stephanie McMahon who paid her own tribute to Philadelphia and ECW as she sported the backwards hat emblazoned with the extreme initials that she wore when she was the on-screen owner of the brand during the 2001 Invasion storyline in WWE.

Stephanie McMahon Quit WWE In 2023

Stephanie McMahon walked away from WWE in early 2023 after her father Vince McMahon forced his way back onto the company’s board of directors.

Stephanie had previously announced a leave of absence in 2022 only to return just a few short weeks later to take over as WWE Chairwoman and co-CEO following Vince McMahon’s short-lived retirement from the company in July of that year.

Vince McMahon was told to resign as Executive Chairman of TKO in relation to the accusations made against him in a bombshell lawsuit. However, with Endeavor now owning WWE, it remains unknown if Stephanie McMahon will ever return to what used to be her family’s business.