Solo Sikoa Reveals How WWE Debut Happened At Clash At The Castle

Solo Sikoa

Solo Sikoa has revealed how his main roster WWE debut came about when he turned up to help Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle.

At Clash at the Castle in September 2022, Drew McIntyre sought to dethrone Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in front of a massive UK crowd. With the Scottish star on the brink of defeating Reigns and making history, the Tribal Chief had a surprise in store.

The Usos weren’t with Reigns for the match but The Bloodline had a secret weapon in the form of Solo Sikoa. Sikoa came to Reigns’ rescue and allowed him to retain his championship.

Speaking to the New York Post, Solo Sikoa explained how that main roster debut came to be:

“It was actually from Roman and Hunter (Triple H). I just got the call saying my flight is getting booked for Clash at the Castle, but I was still hurt at the time. I got cleared just in time before flying out. I got cleared on a Monday and I flew out on a Friday. When I got there, nobody said anything to me. Everybody was just like quiet, even Roman and Paul. I knew what I was there for but I didn’t know because the mission wasn’t clear.”

“When we were getting ready to open up doors for Clash at the Castle, Triple H walks in and this is my first time meeting him. Then he goes, “You know this is your call-up?” I was like, “Nah I didn’t know.” “Welcome to the main roster, you’ll be on SmackDown.”

Sikoa had previously been a part of the NXT roster and captured the NXT North American Championship from Carmelo Hayes. He was forced to vacate that championship as a result of his call up to the main roster.