SmackDown Star Boldly Claims They Are WWE’s Most Complete Wrestler

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A current SmackDown star says they may not be as fast or as strong as some but that they are the most complete wrestler in WWE.

Ricochet has had a successful few weeks as he claimed victory in the WWE World Cup to claim a shot at the Intercontinental Championship. The high-flying star was in action on SmackDown as a contract signing degenerated into a six-man tag team match pitting Ricochet and The New Day against Imperium. When all was said and done it was The New Day and Ricochet picking up the win.

Speaking on After the Bell, Ricochet discussed his belief that he is the most complete wrestler currently competing in WWE:

“You look at your Austin Theorys and you look at all these guys who look the part as the complete all-around package. But when you get me in there, there is really no one as complete as me.”

“I know I’m not as strong as Bobby Lashley, but I can still squat 400-plus pounds. I’m probably not as fast as some of these guys, but I’m just as fast if not faster than almost everybody else. If you’re looking for a complete package, especially in that ring. Don’t look any further than Ricochet.”

Ricochet will get to put that theory to the test when he takes on GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Championship on the 16th of December edition of SmackDown.

h/t SEScoops