Shocking WWE NXT Title Change Takes Place

WWE logo over blurred Oba Femi NXT

One WWE NXT star is on top of the world after winning their first gold in the company despite not even being scheduled for a match.

Dragon Lee won the NXT North American Title from Dominik Mysterio at Deadline in December 2023 but was never supposed to be in that match. Instead, Dragon Lee was a late replacement for Wes Lee after Wes Lee was put on the shelf with a serious injury.

Dragon Lee faced his latest title challenge on the 9th of January edition of NXT when he put his gold on the line against Lexis King. Lee was able to overcome King to retain the gold but trouble was just around the corner.

Oba Femi Wins First WWE Gold In NXT

22-year-old former shot putter Oba Femi has caught many people’s attention in recent weeks and did so again at New Year’s Evil when he won the NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament at the expense of Riley Osborne. With that win came with a title shot any time, any place, and Femi wasn’t wasting time to shoot his shot.

After Lee’s win over Lexis King, Oba Femi appeared with his contract and “executed” it rather than cashing it in – a term reserved for Money In The Bank – and the match was on.

It took Oba Femi just over a minute to put away the exhausted Dragon Lee with a Last Ride powerbomb to become NXT North American Champion.