Shawn Michaels Summons NXT Star For Meeting

Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is having to play principal in NXT as he tells one star on the brand to see him in his office.

On the 7th of November edition of NXT, the meddlesome Jacy Jayne got involved in Chase U business as she intercepted a package from The Family addressed to Andre Chase. Chase caught the snooping but Jayne seemed ready to keep his apparent secret, for now at least.

Duke Hudson and Thea Hail walked in on the pair and Jayne noted that they were just talking about Chase U’s NXT Tag Team Title defence against The Family on the 14th of November. Chase U’s Duke Hudson and Andre Chase captured the NXT Tag Team Championship for the first time on night one of Halloween Havoc.

Shawn Michaels Wants A Meeting With Andre Chase

Now it seems that NXT boss Shawn Michaels is going to get involved in things as he took to social media, telling Chase to meet him in his office, something that Chase readily agreed to.

Ever the pot stirrer, Jacy Jayne also commented on the situation suggesting there was trouble ahead for Chase:

“Can’t say I’m surprised. Way to go “professor” [clown emoji]”