Shawn Michaels Discusses Main Roster Stars Appearing In NXT

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Whilst some would consider it a step down, Shawn Michaels sees NXT talent facing main roster stars as invaluable for everyone involved.

There have been plenty of examples in recent weeks of more established stars making appearances in NXT, whether it’s Seth Rollins going up against Bron Breakker or Finn Balor and Judgment Day appearing on the black and gold brand. This not only gives unique matchups, but a learning experience for those still in the fledgling days of their WWE careers.

Shawn Michaels can certainly see the value of it, and in an interview with Sports Guys Talking Wrestling the WWE Hall Of Famer explained why it’s so useful for the NXT stars, while also comparing the experience to him wrestling Ric Flair in his younger years in the business.

I will say this, all of us in this business got better because we were in the ring, especially when we first started out, with people that were better than us. Now, we’re very fortunate to have other men and women that have come from NXT UK and some that have been out there on the independent scene that have been doing it for a little longer that also obviously help our young athletes that come through here from college.

At the same time, when a main roster person comes down, that’s now seeds of knowledge for them as well. It’s great to be out there getting reps, but a lot of times, if you’re out there with somebody who needs as many reps as you do, you’re still learning, but you’re not going to learn at the rate you are if you’re out there with a Finn Balor, for instance.

That’s been huge for us. Again, you think about Bron Breakker being out there with Seth Rollins, for me that was like when I was out there very early on with [Ric] Flair, you just take in so much, it’s like getting a Ph.D. in one night. So again, it’s a huge help for us here in NXT. To have that synergy now with the main roster.

Continuing on, Shawn Michaels explained that whilst he would like it to be a more regular occurrence, he understands that schedules can make it extremely difficult.

Again, we would love to be able to have it more often. Obviously, we have it here and there. They’re also busy. We understand that. The great thing is they are so giving when they come down here, not just in the ring, but also just hanging out with the talent and dropping seeds of knowledge, whether it’s out there physically or back here, just psychologically and mentally.

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