Shawn Michaels Reveals If Joe Hendry Will Appear In WWE NXT Again

Joe Hendry WWE NXT

Joe Hendry made a huge impact on the WWE NXT brand and Shawn Michaels has addressed if the TNA star will appear on the show again.

The June 18th episode of WWE NXT featured a men’s battle royal where the winner would be granted an opportunity at the NXT Championship. Most of the wrestlers in the match were WWE superstars from NXT, Raw, or Smackdown along with two TNA wrestlers: Frankie Kazarian and Joe Hendry.

Right before the match began, Joe Hendry was given a microphone to deliver a promo where he introduced himself to the audience. It was evident right away that the NXT fans were very aware of who he was and they certainly “believed” in the man who tells wrestling fans that if you say his name, he will appear.

Hendry didn’t last very long in the battle royal because several wrestlers teamed up to eliminate him from the match. However, Hendry had a backstage confrontation with NXT boss Shawn Michaels that made it seem like Hendry may be back again. Hendry’s appearance on NXT also drew massive social media views with 18 million views so far (according to Hendry himself), which WWE values a lot.

During the NXT Heatwave media conference call, NXT’s Shawn Michaels was asked by Kenny McIntosh of Inside the Ropes about Hendry’s appearance and if WWE fans could see Hendry on NXT television again.

“Clearly you could see what it was. It was my first time meeting Joe. Again, even for me not being the most skilled social media guy. You see his turnaround all the time from a social media standpoint. Clearly he is a bright young man. The short dealings that I had with him, I liked him a great deal. So again, nothing would thrill me more than to have the opportunity to work with Joe Hendry in the future. I think he would tell you the same thing, he is someone who wants to continue to grow and move up.”

“But right now, unfortunately, nothing to add at this point in time, but I think he’s a young man that’s very bright, and certainly has a very bright future and I appreciate the way he has generated this on his own and I think that always speaks well of somebody. Again, you used the words thinking outside of the box, he’s obviously done that and I always appreciate the intellect that it takes to grow outside the wheelhouse that they’re in.”

Drew McIntyre Believes In Joe Hendry

Another big name in WWE who is a fan of Joe Hendry is Drew McIntyre. They are both Scotsmen who have crossed paths in the past. McIntyre recently spoke about how proud he is of Hendry’s success.

“I do believe in Joe Hendry. I do. He’s doing awesome and I’m very, very proud of him, especially, you know, getting the song so high up in the charts and caused as much buzz as he’s caused. He’s deserved a big opportunity for a long time, and thankfully he’s been able to showcase himself on IMPACT and I’m sure it’s just going to keep going up and going up. The sky’s the limit. He can do it all.

“He’s very talented in the ring and obviously on the microphone.”

Fans of Joe Hendry can continue watching him on TNA Impact airing on Thursday nights on AXS TV in the United States.

H/T Inside The Ropes