Joe Hendry Reveals When He Found Out About WWE NXT Appearance

Joe Hendry WWE NXT

When WWE said his name, he appeared and Joe Hendry revealed when he knew he was set to make his NXT debut.

There was a NXT Title shot battle royal to open WWE NXT on June 18th and to hype up the match, WWE said that the match was open to anybody from any brand. While that included WWE, it also told the audience that some TNA guys would show up because they have been working with the NXT brand over the last couple of months.

As NXT came on the air, TNA’s former Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry made his entrance with his catchy theme song and the fans cheered for him. Hendry did a promo prior to getting into the ring.

Unfortunately for Hendry, he was eliminated quickly from the battle royal as several wrestlers ganged up on the popular wrestlers and tossed him out.

There was also a video that WWE posted to social media featuring Joe Hendry talking to NXT boss Shawn Michaels backstage. Hendry complained about everybody ganging up on him in the match. Hendry said he can show up at any time on any show and all you have to do is say his name. Shawn said: “I believe.”

How Did Joe Hendry Find Out About NXT Appearance?

In an exclusive interview with Inside The Ropes, Joe Hendry spoke about how his NXT debut took place.

“I had two flights booked, one if it was happening and one if it wasn’t happening, but I didn’t know for sure until the day before. I literally went straight from doing Chris Van Vliet’s podcast to the airport and straight to Orlando.”

As he continued, Hendry was grateful for the opportunity to be on the WWE NXT show.

“I’m extremely grateful to all the staff in the Performance Center from the wrestlers themselves to the coaches, to production, to all the staff, the medical, everyone in there made me feel so at home and they were so open to collaborating.”

“I feel like I really learned something. I feel like we were able to showcase TNA as well and I think what went down was a classic example of when everybody wins. TNA wins, NXT wins, the fans win, everybody got benefit out of this and everybody won and I think this is just the beginning of an amazing time in professional wrestling.”

It has been reported that WWE officials were pleased with Hendry’s appearance along with the crowd’s reaction, so Hendry returning to the NXT brand again seems likely.

H/T Inside The Ropes