Shawn Michaels On Why Bron Breakker’s Not Using Steiner Name

Bron Breakker with the NXT Championship

Shawn Michaels supports the decision for Bron Breakker to use that name instead of calling himself a Steiner or even using his legal last name, Rechsteiner.

One of the things that has puzzled many WWE fans for years has been the company’s habit of renaming people, often with questionable results. WWE has been criticized in the past for using a ‘random name generator’ to come up with new wrestlers’ names. But something about Bronson Rechsteiner becoming, Bron Breakker has led to especially vocal criticism.

This criticism hasn’t fallen on deaf ears as Shawn Michaels, who is now in charge of WWE’s NXT brand, gave his thought on the matter. In an interview with, Michaels noted that even though it’s a new regime under Triple H and some wrestlers are getting names changed back, Breakker will be keeping that particular name:

“I’ll say this, I think now he’s established Bron Breakker pretty darn well. Let’s put it this way — what we wanted to make sure that we did in NXT is not run from it or pretend like it wasn’t there. And I think that’s what has helped him, I think, made that transition into a new name and character a bit easier. We didn’t pretend like it wasn’t there and he wasn’t a Steiner by bringing his father out and making reference to who he was and where he came from. I think that’s made it a little bit easier.”

Breakker isn’t the only wrestler from a wrestling family to get a name change. Neither of the Usos is called ‘Fatu’ after their father, The Rock’s daughter is called ‘Ava Raine’, and Bray Wyatt isn’t calling himself ‘Rotunda’ after his father and he’s doing alright for himself.

h/t WrestlingInc. for the transcription