Seth Rollins Hits Back At The Rock After “Little Girlfriend” Jab

Seth Rollins/The Rock split

Seth Rollins is in no mood to deal with The Rock.

While The Rock is seemingly focused on taking out Cody Rhodes, he’s also managed to upset Seth Rollins in the process. Rollins had come to Rhodes’ defence during the WrestleMania Kick-Off event when the Great One aligned with Roman Reigns and has made sure to get some jabs in since.

The World Heavyweight Champion described The Rock’s comeback as “bullsh*t” and “gross” before declaring that he’d have Rhodes’ back. Not one to take the insults lying down, ahead of Elimination Chamber, The Rock unleashed a bizarre verbal assault on Rhodes and Rollins, repeatedly calling the latter the American Nightmare’s “little girlfriend.”

“Here’s the bulls**t that’s happening now down in Australia. Cody Rhodes and his little girlfriend Seth Rollins are gonna go on the Waller Effect. Here’s the thing – I need you, and you, and this goof holding the camera, and this one holding the microphone over here, I need all of you guys to make sure that Perth knows there’s some bulls**t happening.

And if those guys – those guys meaning Cody and his little girlfriend Seth – if they start talking trash, let The Rock know. Tell The Rock. Because here’s what’s gonna happen – The Rock is gonna slap the p*ss out of both of them just like that.”

Seth Rollins Fires Back

Rollins has now responded, quoting the article on social media along with the famous “How do you do, fellow kids?” GIF from 30 Rock.

In recent weeks the World Champion has been dealing with a knee injury but remains adamant that he’ll be fit for WrestleMania. Rollins is scheduled to face the winner of the men’s Elimination Chamber match at the spectacular in Philadelphia.