Seth Rollins Speaks For WWE Locker Room According To Fellow Star

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has a lot of supporters within the WWE locker room.

For as long as Roman Reigns has been working a part-time schedule, Seth Rollins has been calling him out. The Visionary prides himself on never backing down from a challenge and delivering night in and night out. Something he feels puts him at odds with the Tribal Chief.

While Rollins is seen as the ‘working man’s champion,’ Reigns is presented as a demi-God and a Superstar above all others.

To make matters worse for Rollins, The Rock is now back with WWE and seemingly set for a match at WrestleMania, but it’s been nearly two decades since he was working anything like a full-time wrestling schedule.

This led to Seth Rollins branding The Rock’s return “bullsh*t.”

Appearing on WWE’s The Bump, former World Champion Big E admitted that it feels like Rollins speaks for the locker room. Although he finds it difficult to begrudge either Reigns or The Rock their position.

“I think he speaks for, in many ways, the locker room of guys who are there week in and week out, who are there on a nightly basis. That grind, it really builds a certain camaraderie and a certain respect for each other. Even if you don’t see eye-to-eye, ‘I respect that you’re here every single night.’

Look, on the same hand, the goal is really, in many ways, to become a Roman, to become a Rock, to be in a position where you’re not there every single night, where you’re an attraction, where you’re special. It’s really this dichotomy, is back and forth, which I really love, this push-pull, because who could ever blame a Roman or The Rock for being in a position like that?

For us as hungry guys who are really there on a nightly basis, really pushing the product forward with what we’re doing on a weekly basis, it’s special. So I love that push-pull because look, we all want to be in that Rock/Roman position, too, but you also have a certain love for the guys with you who are grinding.”

Veteran Calls On Seth Rollins To Make Changes

Although he might have the support of the locker room, Bully Ray has called on Seth Rollins to make some changes. The WWE Hall Of Famer believes that Rollins’ dance to the ring when he’s supposed to be in serious segments takes the edge off his character.

The tag team legend said he didn’t have a problem with the rest of Rollins’ presentation, he just needed to come across as less “goofy.”

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