Seth Rollins Recalls Grabbing A Fan’s Testicles After Being Attacked On WWE Raw

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins recalled going to extreme measures to fend off an attack from a fan on Monday Night Raw.

Back in November of 2021, Seth Rollins was rushed and attacked by a fan live on WWE Raw. Speaking to Logan Paul on the latest episode of IMPAULSIVE, Rollins opened up about the attack, first making it clear that he felt bad for the gentleman who attacked as he was dealing with a variety of mental issues and had been taken advantage of online.

“So first of all, this guy, I feel, I want to preface it by saying I felt [horrible] when I found out about everything. I felt very bad for this guy. This guy, you know, he’s, there’s some mental disability going on there. His connection from reality. He’s not all there. He was catfished online, by somebody pretending to be me, I believe. There was some amount of money exchanged for whatever he was, you know, being asked for. And this is not a new phenomenon like that.”

Continuing, Seth Rollins detailed the events of the attack on WWE Raw, saying that he wasn’t prepared and didn’t think anything of seeing someone run at him due to the hectic production involved in WWE events.

“So basically, this guy had been catfished by somebody pretending to be me asking for money for whatever crises they were going through and this guy had give him some money. And he had reached his breaking point. So we’re in Brooklyn, and he jumps, I finished a match with Finn Balor and I’m coming to the back. And I’m walking up the ramp like I always do and our floor camera there in the aisles Stewie is just following me like he always does.

“And then like, it happened instantly to me like, because I’m not even thinking like, Oh, somebody’s going to come out of the audience. I should be ready for this. You know, that’s what we have security for. I think security is for, and you just don’t think that’s gonna happen. So like, your brain is shut off from that part, you’re just in the performance. You’re like, I’m just talking to Stewie. I’m just, you know, talking sh*t, just doing my thing. I was a bad guy at the time. So I’m just dancing around doing my weird Seth Rollins stuff, and I’m not paying any attention.

“And like, in retrospect, what I remember is seeing somebody come around the corner running, which isn’t unusual, either, because sometimes they’re setting up pyro in the entrance for somebody else. And he was wearing, you know, like in t-shirts and pants, so like he was kind of nondescript. And so I just saw him running and didn’t think anything of it.”

Seth Rollins then recalled the attack itself, saying that he was tackled by the fan, who grabbed onto his hair. In order to avoid hitting the individual, Seth Rollins instead did the only thing he could think of: grabbed a handful of the fan’s testicles to make him back off his attack.

“And then like button, next thing I know, he’s cutting corner, and just zips right by Stewie and just straight football tackles me, form tackles me right there on the ramp. And it was terrifying because I was, like I said, I’m not prepared. So my instinct was to just try to get a hold of his head. And he’s kind of like, clawing at me, like he didn’t have any weapons. Thank God, he had nothing on him, you know, but he’s like, just kind of clawing, he’s not really thrown any punches or anything like that. Think he’s like grabbing my hair.

“So I haven’t, trying to get him but he’s like a little ball. He’s a stout man, but he’s short. So he’s like a little ball. So like, I couldn’t quite get a hold of him. And like, security jumped quick, our referee actually jumped quick. Everybody was trying to get him off, but he had a hold of my hair.

“I haven’t divulged this part of the story yet. To try to dislodge him, the only thing that I could do was I didn’t want to punch him. I didn’t want to hit him. The only thing that I could do, I saw like he was on top of me. All I saw was his legs. So I just reached up and just, I had to get this guy off, I didn’t know what was going on. So I just reached up and snatch, it was a squeeze, just a squeeze, a hard, hard squeeze. He had my hair and he finally got, you know, prior. It got him off.

“It was nerve wracking. Especially in the moment once I realised, you know, a split second after he got me when I realised was going on. I mean, if he had a shank if he had any sort of sharp object, I would have just been slice and dice, man. It’s very, very scary.”

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