Seth Rollins Picks Physical Pain Over Praising CM Punk

Seth Rollins CM Punk on WWE Raw.

Seth Rollins does not like CM Punk to the extent that he’d rather suffer pain than commit to saying anything nice about the former WWE Champion.

CM Punk returned to WWE after ten years away at the 2023 Survivor Series to a rapturous reception from the Chicago crowd. One man not happy to see Punk back in the company was Seth Rollins who had to be physically restrained from confronting Punk but it soon became clear there was an element of storyline to the shenanigans.

Seth Rollins and CM Punk seemed to be on a collision course for WrestleMania but disaster struck when CM Punk suffered a serious injury in the Royal Rumble meaning he’ll be forced to watch WrestleMania from the sidelines.

Seth Rollins appeared on the YouTube show Hot Ones alongside his wife Becky Lynch. Lynch offered up the chance for Rollins to skip eating a fiery hot wing if he could say three nice things about CM Punk and to the surprise of very few, Rollins ate the wing:

[Laughs] God…you know what, here’s the thing about Punk. I’m sure there are some nice things to say about him. But this is a game of choice. I would rather suffer through this hot wing than say anything publicly nice about him. Yeah. This one’s for you, Punk. [Bites wing] Well here’s one thing I’ll say [that’s] nice about him. He’s a man of conviction, and so am I [eats wing some more].

Seth Rollins Faces Big WWE WrestleMania Challenge

With CM Punk out of action, six other stars had the chance to claim a shot at Rollins and his World Heavyweight Championship at Elimination Chamber.

Ultimately, the man who seems to dislike Punk every bit as much as Rollins does, Drew McIntyre, won the bout to book his WrestleMania place.

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