Seth Rollins Reveals If He’s Open To Wrestling CM Punk

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Seth Rollins gave his honest, freakin’ thoughts about a potential matchup with former WWE Champion CM Punk.

Ever since CM Punk returned unannounced at Survivor Series, there have been all kinds of questions about who knew it was coming, what will be his first WWE match following his comeback and what might Punk be doing at WrestleMania 40 in April 2023?

Following Punk’s return to WWE after nearly ten years away, the World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins called CM Punk a hypocrite while also having an angry reaction in the building at Survivor Series.

While some people believe that Seth Rollins’ negative reactions to CM Punk are all part of an act to build a rivalry between the two men, Rollins has blasted Punk for being a selfish person who has said bad things about Rollins in the past.

During an interview with Jimmy Traina for Sports Illustrated, Rollins talked about potentially working with Punk and how he feels working with people he may not necessarily like that much.

“Of course, and if you’re working with him on essentially intimate levels, the two of you trying to put a story and match together or whatever it may be, it’s not like you can just go out there and wing it. You could, but it’s not going to go too well, most likely, but you have to work with somebody. You figure it out. Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth.”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there, luckily we haven’t had to do that yet. I assume it’s only a matter of time, whatever venue it’s at, I don’t know, that’s not my decision to make, I just show up and do the work. It is what it is.”

“You don’t like everybody you work with, I certainly haven’t liked everybody I’ve been in the ring with over the years, but I’ve always found a way to make magic out of it. If it is Seth Rollins vs. CM Punk, somewhere down the road, one way or another, it’s going to be magic.”

Seth Rollins Makes It Clear That He’s A Businessman

When it comes to having that specific match with CM Punk, Seth Rollins made it clear that he’s all about doing what’s good for business.

“It’s a negotiation. It’s a conversation. No one is forcing something on you, but I’m a businessman, for sure, I’m hoping to do business, if it’s there to be done. I’m open to mending fences, if that’s even possible. I know that might sound crazy, but I’m open to it. I’m almost 38, and I ain’t got time to hold all these grudges.”

“I think it’s a lot of energy to hold that negativity in, and I’d like to put that energy somewhere else and make it positive. I’m open to all different facets of what this could be. There are certain conversations that go on, it’s not a cut and dry, ‘you have to do this.’ Sometimes, it is.”

“I’ve been in positions where it’s like, ‘this is your job, I pay you the check. This is what I want you to do,’ and that’s just how it is. That’s okay too. If you don’t like it, you can skip it and we don’t have to do business. I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to stuff like that. I think there will be a way to make it work for everybody.”

CM Punk has been known to say that he is the “Best in the World” of pro wrestling, but in the opinion of Seth Rollins, that’s a label that belongs to him.

“He says he’s the Best in the World, that ain’t the case, I’m the Best in the World. I’ll make anything work, no matter who it is.”

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