Seth Rollins Blasts CM Punk As A Hypocrite On WWE Raw

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has responded to being greeted with CM Punk chants on WWE Monday Night Raw.

CM Punk stunned the world when he returned to WWE at the very end of Survivor Series just over two months since he was fired by AEW.

With the majority of the stars of the men’s WarGames match still in the ring when Punk made his entrance in his hometown of Chicago, Seth Rollins had to be held back from confronting CM Punk and seemed very angry that the star was back – but that might have just been part of the show.

Seth Rollins Won’t Waste Time On CM Punk

On Raw in Nashville, Seth Rollins came to the ring with his World Heavyweight Championship to address his next move after being part of the winning WarGames team. However, the Nashville crowd clearly had noticed his reaction to Punk and greeted the champion with “CM Punk” chants.

A bullish Rollins encouraged the fans to get it all out before noting that he did not want to spend one more second or one more ounce of energy on “that hypocrite.” Rollins followed up by noting that he didn’t want to talk about “someone that don’t matter at all.”

Seth Rollins was soon interrupted by Drew McIntyre who shook Rollins’ hand but noted he wanted another crack at the World Heavyweight Championship. Rollins had bad news, however, as he told McIntyre that Jey Uso was getting a title shot which led to McIntyre attacking Rollins. Jey Uso came to Rollins’ aid and they chased off the Scottish star.