Seth Rollins On WWE “Underselling” The World Heavyweight Championship

Seth Rollins World Heavyweight Championship WWE Raw

Seth Rollins wants the World Heavyweight Championship to be known as more than the “workrate” title.

When Triple H first announced the creation of a new World Heavyweight Championship on Raw, he made it clear that unlike Roman Reigns, the new champion would be someone who would defend his title regularly. Therefore, the belt would be exclusive to the brand that Roman Reigns wasn’t on following the WWE Draft.

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Reigns was drafted to SmackDown, meaning the new championship became exclusive to Raw. A tournament with both Raw and SmackDown stars was held, and at Night of Champions, Seth Rollins defeated AJ Styles to once again capture WWE gold.

Rollins has already defended his championship, defeating Damian Priest in the main event of the June 5th episode of Raw. Speaking to Mark Andrews on My Love Letter To Wrestling, Rollins was asked about his belt being known as the “work rate title.” According to the champion, the belt is much more and indicative of how much talent there is on the WWE roster.

“I think it’s both. I think just kind of calling it the work rate title is a little bit underselling it. At the end of the day, the title exists because our roster is so chock full of talent. There’s just too much to have one champion that’s not around very much. I think the fact that we had so many worthy contenders, people that could hold this championship, I think that is the reason the title exists.

“If we had a weak roster and things weren’t good and stuff wasn’t hot, it might be a different story, it might be fine just to have one champion who wasn’t around, didn’t want to make live events, but that’s just not the case. We’re selling out left and right, we’re hot, from here to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Paris, France, Mexico City, it doesn’t matter. We’re just selling out left and right.

“We need to have a World Heavyweight Champion on the men’s side to represent that level of competition. I think we’re going to put in the work to build this title to be as big as any championship in wrestling. And we’re not naive and think that we don’t need to put in that work. We know that it needs to happen, but we’ve got the roster, and the guys and the crew who are willing to put in the time to make it feel as big as it is.”