Seth Rollins Will “Scorch The Earth” In Last Man Standing Match

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has never been in a Last Man Standing match but he’s confident that he won’t leave much behind once he’s finished with Shinsuke Nakamura.

In an inversion of WWE’s usual booking, Rollins, the champion, has been trying to get the man he wants to face – Nakamura – to accept his offer for a match. Yet Nakamura has refused Rollins’ offer several times and has instead continued to mock Rollins and his family.

Nakamura kept bringing up the theme of Rollins’ back injury and that, once he’s finished with Rollins, the current World Heavyweight Champion won’t be able to stand. It was at that point that Nakamura offered to face Rollins, but only if he agreed to a Last Man Standing stipulation.

Rollins accepted the stipulation moments later on RAW, but soon after some fans began pointing out that Rollins has never been in such a match before.

Rollins, however, isn’t worried, as he expressed his confidence in a concise statement posted to Twitter/X.

“First ever LMS. Gonna scorch the earth.”

Who else besides Seth Rollins has been in a Last Man Standing match in WWE?

As of this writing, there have been 42 Last Man Standing matches in WWE, with the first one being Mankind vs. The Rock at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre 1999.

Several top names have been in multiple LMS matches over the years, including Triple H and John Cena with six each, Randy Orton and Big Show with five each, and both Edge and Roman Reigns with four each as well.