Seth Rollins Says WWE Star “Overdue For A World Heavyweight Title Match”

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has a fellow WWE star in mind as a future challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The WWE Raw brand crowned its new World Heavyweight Champion back in May at Night of Champions when Seth “Freakin” Rollins beat AJ Styles in the finals of a tournament.

Since then, Seth Rollins has taken on all comers whether it’s Finn Balor or his current rival, Shinsuke Nakamura. Rollins beat Nakamura in the main event of Payback two weeks ago, but Nakamura was the man left standing after the match while Rollins had to be helped out of the arena.

While Rollins is still dealing with Nakamura on Raw every week and a rematch could be coming at Fastlane next month, Seth has somebody else in mind for a title shot.

In an interview on WWE’s The Bump on YouTube, Ricochet was one of the guests along with WWE Raw ring announcer and his fiancee Samantha Irvin. Seth Rollins was also on the show, so Ricochet remembered when he got to face Rollins in 2006. That was many years before their WWE days, so Ricochet asked what a 2023 match would look like between them.

“Definitely a lot more hard-hitting than in 2006. Definitely a lot more strategic than in 2006. I think both of us have matured obviously a lot since then, not only as men but as performers, as wrestlers. So I think, especially everything that he’s capable of doing, alongside everything that I’m capable of doing, and everything we’re willing to put our bodies through to get to where we need to go, it would be pretty wild, that’s for sure.”

Seth Rollins wants to defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Ricochet

While Ricochet isn’t the main eventer that Rollins is and Rollins has won many more titles in WWE, Ricochet is still a former Intercontinental & United States Champion. In the opinion of Seth Rollins, Ricochet is definitely worthy of a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

“Well, 17 years later, it looks like probably 50 more pounds of muscle between the two of us, at least, if not more. We were just two skinny kids back then. Yeah, it’s gonna look night and day compared to what it was two decades ago.”

“Like you said, we’ve both grown so much as human beings and performers, everything’s gonna be different. You wouldn’t even be able to put the two matches up against each other. Here’s the thing, I would love to do it, though. We’ve gotta get it done at some point. I’d love to get it done one of these times while I still got the title on my shoulder.”

“I think Ricochet has been long overdue for a World Heavyweight Championship match, so we gotta get it done. I’m gonna put in a word with Adam Pearce, see if we can’t get that thing done. Ricochet, he’s been working. I’d love to do it. I think the WWE Universe would be keen to it. I think it would be a great time. I know it would look a lot different, but I don’t know exactly what it would look like. So I would be very excited to see.”

While Rollins hopes to defend the World Heavyweight Title against Ricochet, both guys need to look out for Nakamura since he attacked Ricochet this past Monday on Raw. Whether Rollins gets his match with Ricochet remains to be seen.

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