Seth Rollins Calls For Justice As Vince McMahon Scandal Rumbles On

Seth Rollins/Vince McMahon split

Seth Rollins discusses the Vince McMahon scandal.

On January 25th a new lawsuit went public which accused former WWE boss Vince McMahon of sexual assault and sex trafficking. The lawsuit filed by former employee Janel Grant also implicated a number of high-ranking WWE officials, sending shockwaves across the wrestling world.

McMahon later resigned from the TKO Group Board of Directors but denied any wrongdoing.

While the majority of the WWE talent roster has remained quiet on the allegations, Seth Rollins gave his feelings on the “disgusting situation” in a recent interview.

During an appearance at the WrestleMania 40 Kick-Off event, Rollins was interviewed by Sean Ross Sapp and again asked about the lawsuit. The World Heavyweight Champion said that if the allegations are accurate, he hopes everyone involved gets what’s coming to them.

“It’s a crap situation. I said it in that interview on radio row. It sucks. It’s horrible. It’s disgusting. I don’t like hearing about it, reading about it, it’s abhorent. I hope, if the allegations are accurate, I hope anybody involved with it gets what’s coming to them. It sucks. For me, it’s very difficult because I didn’t see that side of him. I didn’t experience that.

When you see stuff like that, it’s jarring and it’s painful. It sucks all around. There is just no other way to say it. It sucks. It really sucks,”

Vince McMahon Knew Of Alleged Sexual Assault Of Ashley Massaro

The fallout from the lawsuit is only growing with more allegations and historic claims coming back into the news. One such incident was the alleged rape of former WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro during a tour of Kuwait in 2006.

In a sworn affidavit released by her lawyer in 2019, Ashley Massaro alleged that she was raped by someone representing himself as a United States Army doctor during a WWE tour of Kuwait.

Massaro stated that WWE management including Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis were made aware of the alleged incident, but she was told not to talk about it to preserve the company’s relationship with the military. WWE denied this was the case.

However, a lawyer for John Laurinaitis — who is also involved in the sex trafficking scandal — claims Vince McMahon and other WWE members of WWE management were aware of the allegations, although he denied there was a cover-up.

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