Seth Rollins Breaks Cover On Disgusting Vince McMahon Lawsuit

Vince McMahon Seth Rollins

Vince McMahon is facing dreadful allegations and while WWE isn’t saying too much about the situation, Seth Rollins has broken his silence on the matter.

Vince McMahon is accused of sexual assault and sex trafficking in a new lawsuit filled with sickening allegations made against him. As a result, Vince McMahon has resigned as Executive Chairman of TKO but has vowed to fight to clear his name as he denies any wrongdoing.

Triple H sparked fury when he brushed off the situation after the Royal Rumble, claiming it to have been a great week for the company and admitting he hadn’t read the lawsuit filed against his father-in-law.

Seth Rollins Hates Vince McMahon Situation

Speaking on Maggie & Perloff, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins wasn’t afraid to speak his mind on the matter and says whole WWE stars go to work focused on the job at hand, it was an awful situation:

Day to day, for us, it doesn’t. It doesn’t. We’re so far removed, as talent, from that stuff. It’s awful, it’s terrible. I hate it. It’s a disgusting situation. We’re so far removed from it.

When we get to work it’s, ‘How do we make this show the best possible show we can? Who are we out there with? What’s this promo going to be? What’s this match going to be? How do we entertain the fans?’ That’s really what our job is.

That stuff, that’s personal stuff, that’s business stuff, that’s so far above what we’re thinking, where are brains are at. We’re not going to do anything that is going to impact that. It’s an awful situation. We’re focused on what we do day-to-day. It would just be like any other business structure. It’s awful. You feel terrible. You wish you could have seen it or done something.

At the end of the day, your job is your job and that’s what we do, we show up and we try to give the people who pay for tickets the best possible show we can. That’s our department.

It has transpired that Vince McMahon was told to resign by his bosses in TKO in the wake of the allegations. Should the lawsuit move to a full jury trial as requested, even more lurid allegations and conduct might yet come to light.

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