Seth Rollins Details Back Problems Ahead Of WWE Payback

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins admits that what Shinsuke Nakamura is saying about his back is true.

The World Heavyweight Champion is set to make his latest defence of the title at Payback on September 2nd against The King of Strong Style. Doing his research ahead of time, Nakamura knows Rollins’ weaknesses.

Speaking on the After The Bell podcast, Rollins admitted that he has been dealing with the injury for many years and it is affecting his day-to-day life:

Yeah, I mean, he’s not wrong, you know, my back sucks. I’ve had these injuries for four or five years now. It’s, I’ve two stress fractures in like the lowest vertebrae you can possibly have in my lower back. And occasionally, they flare up. And if they accrue too much damage, it can become extremely painful. And it can be very difficult for me to get through matches. And it can be very difficult for me to get up for, you know, the morning activities for days sometimes.

So there is absolutely a danger in that. And if he does take a specific target to that body part, there’s a possibility that it will debilitate me for the match and for some time after that, there’s no question about it.

Rollins continued, stating that although he is dealing with the injury, he knows how to handle it and has won big matches previously despite being in pain:

But on the other side of that, I’ve had this injury for a long time. I know how to manage it. I’m smarter than I’ve ever been in the ring, you know. And so I’m able to take the punishment, I’ve trained my body to take the punishment. I know how to work around it. And so that’s going to be my intent as he’s going to intend to target it.

I won the World Heavyweight Championship with these injuries, I beat AJ Styles with these injuries, Finn Balor with these injuries. I see no reason why I won’t be able to do the same thing with Shunsuke Nakamura, regardless of him targeting back injuries or not, it’s going to be very interesting. This is kind of the first time that I’ve, I’ve had someone really come at this injury. And so that does make me a little nervous I’m not gonna lie, but I feel very confident that I’ll be able to kind of handle it and push through.

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