Seth Rollins Confronts CM Punk On WWE Raw

Seth Rollins CM Punk on WWE Raw.

Seth Rollins let CM Punk know exactly what he thought of him when the two finally came face-to-face in a WWE ring on Raw.

CM Punk shocked the world when he returned to WWE at Survivor Series and while the Chicago crowd were delighted to see him, World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins was anything but.

Seth Rollins has previously described CM Punk as “a cancer” and had to be physically restrained at ringside while Punk made his grand return. Although the latter behaviour was believed to be leading to a storyline between the two and on Raw that is exactly what started.

Seth Rollins Tells CM Punk He Hates Him

On Raw in Cleveland, Ohio, CM Punk signed his contract with Raw and he was soon face-to-face with Seth Rollins as the World Heavyweight Champion told Punk exactly what he thought of him.

Rollins told Punk he hated him and took issue with the fact that Punk had referred to WWE as his home after walking out of the company in 2014 and trying to tear the place down ever since. However, in a case of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, Rollins told Punk that he wanted him on Raw as when Punk inevitably self-destructs the World Champion wanted to be the one to slam the door on him on his way out.

However, Seth Rollins also left the door open for CM Punk to face him in the ring and said he’d show Punk exactly why Rollins is the best in the world. CM Punk responded by declaring for the men’s Royal Rumble match and told Rollins that when he won that match then maybe he’d come after Rollins and the World Heavyweight Championship.