Scott D’Amore Would “Absolutely” Love Will Ospreay To Join IMPACT Wrestling

Will Ospreay

Scott D’Amore says there’s a seat at the IMPACT Wrestling table for Will Ospreay.

The British star is currently in the midst of the most impressive year of his career and looks certain to top numerous ‘Wrestler of the Year’ lists and the hype around him is only growing. Throw into the mix that Ospreay will become a free agent in February 2024, and to say that he’s in demand would be a spectacular understatement.

For his part, Ospreay appears to be keeping his options wide open. Speaking ahead of his recent match against “Speedball” Mike Bailey at Bound For Glory, the star admitted IMPACT is in the running to become his next home, although the company will be known as TNA again by the time Osperay can sign a hypothetical deal.

During an interview with Tom Hannifan, IMPACT President Scott D’Amore reiterated that he’d love to sign the former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion.

“I mean, look, Will Ospreay is arguably the greatest wrestler in the world right now. And I don’t think anybody — I don’t know if it’s even disputable — that 2023 Will Ospreay is having one of the greatest years of any wrestler in history. So I think any company that said they didn’t want Will Ospreay at the center of their universe would be lying.

Will’s kind of been pretty honest and upfront about what’s happening and the fact that he’s going to be a free agent soon. And the second that his contract expires, he becomes the hottest free agent in professional wrestling. Would we love to have Will Ospreay? Absolutely. Will Ospreay is a great talent.

You saw two examples of that this weekend. You saw him and Mike Bailey put on a match of the year candidate. Only the people there have saw it live so far, but you’ll see it on an upcoming week of Impact weekly television, Will Ospreay and Josh Alexander went out there and put on an unbelievable match.”

D’Amore revealed that he’s spoken with IMPACT’s parent company Anthem about Ospreay, adding there’s a “seat at the table” waiting for the star.

“That opportunity is open to Will Ospreay. And I can tell you that I’ve had conversations with Anthem Sports (Impact Wrestling’s parent company) and everything else and let them know. And they’re well aware of who Ospreay is and what Will Ospreay is. And, you know, don’t know where Will Ospreay is going to end up. But there’s certainly a seat at the table here and a meaningful one where he could be at the center of a lot of that advancement and change that we talk about.”

Will Ospreay Open To WWE Switch

The situation around Ospreay is seemingly gathering pace by the day. While it’s been confirmed that the star has hired Barry Bloom as his agent — the same Barry Bloom who represents some of AEW’s biggest names, a move to WWE is an increasing possibility.

While Ospreay had previously ruled out relocating to the United States, in a new interview he admitted this isn’t the stumbling block it once was.

Unsurprisingly, WWE is on high alert and said to be “very, very interested” in signing Will Ospreay.

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